P & D

We come from a background of having our own record labels and being artists. We understand what's important for labels. With years of experience in the vinyl market, we have a very strong network with pressing plants, online and physical record shops and everything in between... 


Specially for people that have no experience with vinyl, it is very important to us that they understand how it works before expectations are too high. The vinyl market is relatively small. It's a niche market.

The investments, on the other hand, are high. Therefore it's very hard, specially for new labels, to get to the break-even point or even profit. 

Don't get us wrong, it is possible to make a profit of vinyl sales. But this will take time, a good promotion plan and perseverance. 




Key points of our P&D:

Memoria pay's for the production of the vinyl records

Payback €4,00 (ex VAT) for each sold copy after break-even is reached

5 free copies for promo use

Big focus on physical record shops

Multiple releases possible a year

Personal account manager

High quality pressing solutions

Being part of a high-quality group of labels (good for the sales)


Our standard P&D:

140-gram black vinyl

2 test pressings 

Discosleeve (inside out, black/white/grey/brown)

5 Free promo copies of your release


If you are interested in our distribution service for your label you can submit your label at the button below. 

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