P & D

We come from a background of having our own record labels and being artists. We understand what's important for labels. With years of experience in the vinyl market, we have a very strong network with pressing plants, online and physical record shops and everything in between... 


Specially for people that have no experience with vinyl, it is very important to us that they understand how it works before expectations are too high. The vinyl market is relatively small. It's a niche market.

The investments, on the other hand, are high. Therefore it's very hard, specially for new labels, to get to the break-even point or even profit. 

Don't get us wrong, it is possible to make a profit of vinyl sales. But this will take time, a good promotion plan and perseverance. 

    140 grams black vinyl
    cmyk labels
    Black discosleeves
    €250,00 is charged before we start the production. This is for:
    - the lacquer cut
    - 2 test presses (ex. the shipping to your home)
    - 15 promo copies (ex. the shipping to your home)

    €5,00 (ex VAT) for each sold copy after break-even point is reached.
    Break-Even point = 200 sold copies for the standard product (300 copies pressed)

    Payback €2,50 (ex VAT) for each sold copy  / no break-even point

    All the EP's that we release for you are  "Vinyl Only"  unless the label indicates Vinyl + Digital in this submitting form. In case an EP does not reach the breakeven point within 3 months after the release date, Memoria Music Group has the right to use the content for a compilation series on the digital platform. Any royalties that possibly arise from this will be used to compensate the loss, among others.
    The Record Label shall be solely responsible for any mechanical royalties to be paid to collecting societies acting on behalf of artist(s), such as GEMA. Any incoming claim from collecting societies + any extra fines for giving false information will be directly forwarded to the record label.
    Memoria Music Group is not responsible for any mistakes made by the pressing plant(s).
    Memoria Music Group has the right to repress the catalogue on vinyl format when stock is low or empty.
    Memoria Music Group is authorized to collaborate with other distributors to share costs and generate more sales.
    Because the space in our warehouse is not limitless, we check the stock situation twice a year. When we have a lot of records in stock and it is not selling that much we will give the Record Label the chance to receive the records. We call that 'overstock'. When the Record Label decides that they do not want to receive the stock, Memoria Music Group is allowed to recycle the records.


If you are interested in our distribution service for your label you can submit your label at the button below. 

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