Digital Distribution


We see the enormous potential of digital distribution. Specially in this small market, it's very interesting to add digital sales to your record label. 

So in addition to vinyl labels, but also for Digital Only labels we can offer distribution. 

Not only downloads (on shops like Hardwax, Clone, Beatport & Juno) but also streaming services like YouTube, Amazon, Itunes and Spotify generates revenues for your label. It can really make a big difference. 

Unlike most other distributors, we do not charge any set-up fee. We just collect the revenues from all the platforms.

20% of the revenues we use to cover the costs (FUGA account / Staff / Server).

80% of the revenues are paid to the record label. 


We also offer services, such as mastering and artwork design.


If you are interested in our distribution service for your label you can submit your label at the button below. 

(with: Soundcloud link - download enabled)

NOTE: If your release is also on vinyl: Vinyl releases are always at least 4 weeks before the digital release!