NOTE: We don't take new labels into P&D until January 2018.


Memoria Music Group works with an open structure. We do not believe in distribution "old style" where the distributors have all the power to do whatever they like. Pay out whenever they like. Work without agreements etc etc...

We come from a background of having our own record labels and being artists. 

We also believe that we have the best offer. Therefore we choose to put our offer online, visible to everyone. This way there is nothing to hide, nothing to change... just open and honest. 

Specially for people that have no experience with vinyl, it is very important for us that they understand how it works, before expectations are to high. The vinyl market is, compared to the digital market, relatively small. The investments on the other hand are high. Therefor it's very hard, specially for new labels, to get to the break-even point, or even profit. 

Don't get us wrong, it is possible to make profit of vinyl sales. But this will take time, a good promotion plan and perseverance. 


Pros +

- No investment in pressing the records, no risk. 

  No investment --> more money available for promotion or good remixers etc. --> more sales. 
- Many releases a year are possible. The label can send multiple releases at the same time. 

  More releases --> more royalties --> more money available for promotion or good remixers etc. 


Cons - 

- Less influence on your schedule.

  Because all the risk is for Memoria Music Group, we are authorized to refuse the provided release. 




Format:                                                                         Vinyl Only + Streaming                                     

Term:                                                                             3 Years (Automatically prolongation)

Prolongation:                                                               1 Year

Form of prolongation:                                                repetitive

Exclusivity:                                                                    worldwide exclusive  

Cancellation:                                                                4 months

Accounting:                                                                  on request

Payment:                                                                      within 7 days after receiving invoice

Payback Vinyl < 300 copies:                                      €1,21 incl. VAT for each sold copy 

Payback Vinyl 301 > copies:                                      €2,42 incl. VAT for each sold copy 

Payback Streaming                                                      20% DISTRIBUTOR  /  80% LABEL

LABEL provides
 DISTRIBUTOR with correct master files and correct artwork, hereinafter referred to as PRODUCT.

DISTRIBUTOR is authorized to refuse the provided PRODUCT.
will pay for and take care of the manufacturing and pressing of the PRODUCT under the following conditions:  
140 Gram Black Vinyl, Full Color Labels, White Discosleeve

If the LABEL want extra options the additional costs will be deducted from the royalties (if available). If the label doesn't have any credit, the extra costs must be paid by the label before we can start the production. The prices for the extra options can be found on DISTRIBUTORS website.

All costs for packaging, customs, broken deliveries and shipping to shops are paid by DISTRIBUTOR.

DISTRIBUTOR start paying out royalties when 150 sold copies are reached.


Any of LABEL’s titles shall be released on Vinyl format at least two weeks before its digital release.  

DISTRIBUTOR shall only be obliged to make a payment if the amount reached €100,00. Until the Upon the end of the Term of this agreement, the balance shall be paid to LABEL.

 receive 5 free copies. If the LABEL needs more, they can buy the released product for €2,50 each (exclusive shipping and with a maximum of 25 copies).

DISTRIBUTOR has the right to repress the catalogue on vinyl format when stock is low or empty.

DISTRIBUTOR is authorized to collaborate with other distributors to share costs and generate more sales.

LABEL guarantees that they own all necessary rights on the titles to be distributed through this agreement. LABEL exempts DISTRIBUTOR from all claims that may result from third party rights violation by the LABEL and claims by Author Rights Organizations.

LABEL shall be solely responsible for any Mechanicals to be paid to collecting societies (such as Buma Stemra / GEMA etc) acting on behalf of authors of musical works (compositions).  

LABEL shall be responsible for reasonable promotion of the released products.  


From the moment this agreement terminates DISTRIBUTOR is no longer required to submit sales statements.


Memoria's main focus is on vinyls. This is our core business. DISTRIBUTOR can also distribute to digital shops like Beatport or any other download shop, if the LABEL request this in the submitting form for each release. 

We do deliver the music to streaming services. This way, the range of the Record Label is bigger without losing the "Vinyl Only" status. So you connect your label and brand to more people around the world. It also brings in extra money for the labels, that can be invested in new and better vinyl products. 

There is NO set-up fee for this. We just collect the revenues from all the platforms. 20% of the revenues DISTRIBUTOR use to cover the costs (Software / Staff etc). The remaining 80% goes straight to the LABEL.  

Streaming services we work with:

 - YouTube

 - TIDAL (f.k.a. Aspiro)

 - Spotify

 - Rhapsody

 - Pandora

 - OraStream Private Limited

 - Omnifone

 - Deezer

 - Beats Music

Because the cost of vinyl pressings is very susceptible to change, all mentioned costs and / or payments may change during this agreement. All mentioned costs and / or payouts listed on DISTRIBUTORS website ( are always prevail.


This agreement, upon signing by both parties, shall constitute a legally binding contract.

This agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of The Netherlands and the High Court of Justice in The Netherlands shall have the exclusive jurisdiction.


If you are interested in our P&D service for your label, you can send an email to

with: Soundcloud link - download enabled - at least two complete releases - information about the label.