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We can help you with the distribution of your vinyls and ensure that the money goes back to where it belongs: the artists and labels. 


We provide a very competitive payback for each sold copy. We make no distinction between new labels, established labels, premium labels, large or small labels. For us, everyone is equal, each label is premium, so each label will have the highest payback associated with a Premium Label! 


Payout is €4,00 ex VAT for each sold copy. (€4,42 incl VAT)


All our labels can request information at all times. More info you can find here. We send your money directly after you send us an invoice.


The labels and artists are the ones who invest the most time and money. We understand that and therefore ensure quick processing of your money. 

Every label manager get's a direct contact with one of us. Phone and email. We strive to answer questions within a day.


Memoria's main focus is on vinyls. This is our core business, we usually don't distribute to digital shops like Beatport or any other download shop. Unless the Record Label ask for it, under certain conditions we can deliver it at those shops. 


We do deliver the music to streaming services. This way, the range of the Record Label is bigger without losing the "Vinyl Only" status. So you connect your label and brand to more people around the world. It also brings in extra money for the labels, that can be invested in new and better vinyl products. 


There is NO set-up fee for this. We just collect the revenues from all the platforms. 20% of the revenues DISTRIBUTOR use to cover the costs (Software / Staff etc). The remaining 80% goes straight to the LABEL.  


Streaming services we work with:


 - YouTube

 - TIDAL (f.k.a. Aspiro)

 - Spotify

 - Rhapsody

 - Pandora

 - OraStream Private Limited

 - Omnifone

 - Deezer

 - Beats Music


We also offer services, such as vinyl pressing, mastering and artwork design.


If you are interested in our distribution service for your label, you can send an email to info@memoria-musicgroup.com


with: Soundcloud link - download enabled - at least two complete releases - information about the label.